Jon Archer has been my full-time office manager since 2005. We have built a successful, full-fee private practice that supports our life. So many of my colleagues have asked to “borrow” Jon that we’ve decided to at least rent him out for consultation. Lord knows he needs more Hawaiian shirts and someone’s gotta pay for all of them.

In the past 15 years, my computer has never been “down” for more than about 2-3 minutes. I have never lost all my data. Our security has never been breached. I recently had a request for records from a long-time client who moved out of state. In just 24 hours, the 700-page file was electronically transferred securely to the new provider at a cost to me of NOTHING. Our client database and letter templates allow us to send out letters to other professionals working with our clients to coordinate care. We use a voice-over-internet phone system with transcription of voice mails that e-mails two phones and two computers our messages and we can make and answer calls from our office phone number from anywhere we have cell coverage.

If you would like for your office to run like a smoothly oiled machine, I can highly recommend collaboration with Jon.

–Dr. Marlo Archer